6 Coolest Hats For Men

A hat is a type of headgear. Generally, headgear is any element of wardrobe placed on the head for any reason. There is a different reason which would someone wear headgear. Some of the reasons are protection, fashion, disguise, entertainment, religion, medicine, decoration, or distinction.

The coolest hats are:


man wearing beanie

A knit cap of variable slouchiness that is worn a few ways, including but not limited to, high on the back of the head, down over the ears with the brim turned up, or pulled all the way down.

Bowler Hat


It was invented in 1849 as a hat for gamekeepers by Edward Coke, a British soldier, and politician. It was made to be strong and to fit well on the head so it can protect the wearer from the low hanging branches and it won’t fall off when the wind blows. It was made from hard felt, and had a narrow brim and a low crown.


man wearing sombrero hat

It is a hat with a very wide brim and a conical crown that originated from Mexico. Its brim is so wide that it covers the head, neck, and shoulders of the person who wears it. That is why its name comes from the Spanish word “Sombra” which means “shadow”. It is not known who invented it but it is now part and a symbol of Mexican culture.


man wearing fedora hat

It was invented in 1882. It got the name from the title of the play written by Victorien Sardou, in which main character Princess Fédora Romanoff, played by Sarah Bernhardt, wears the same hat. It was made from felt, had a soft brim and was created in the center.

Hard Hat

ma wearing hard hat

It was patented in 1919 by E. W. Bullard. It was made from steel and its role was to protect workers from injuries from falling objects on construction sites. Hard  are now made from high-density polyethylene and have suspension that lessens the force of the impact.


man wearing boater hat

Pretty self-explanatory, but just for clarity, this is a flat-brimmed and -topped straw hat formerly worn by seamen.


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