Dispel These 11 Myths Before Building A Custom Home

Are you facing trouble when deciding whether to invest in a custom home or not? Primarily, the misinformation passed on as facts about the custom home is what creates the myths. If you are finding the prospect of building a custom home intimidating, get rid of these myths and misconceptions along with unwarranted thoughts.

But before that, you need to know the myths you need to dispel about a custom-made home. Here are a few of them mentioned below.

1. Is it necessary to purchase a lot before hiring the builder?

Unless you already own a lot on which you want to build a custom home, the home builders in Kelowna you hire is one of the most valuable sources of help you get to fulfill the dream of owning the house. Many of these builders offer free consultations initially to discuss the different facets of building the house. If you have an existing lot, the builder you hire will identify and evaluate its parts like the scope, orientation, view, location of trees, or other factors that may affect the suitability of the site.

2. It is expensive

Most buyers believe that building a custom-made house is way more expensive than pre-built houses. Although the builder can personalize the home based on your preferences and wants, the decision to add on is uniquely yours. So, you are free to add to the amenities and select your kitchen, flooring, colors, and bath designs or stay outwardly simple.  Remember that the more customizations, the higher your cost per square foot.

3. You will go over the budget

One of the commonest misunderstood concepts about building custom houses is its cost. Accordingly, most people think that building a custom home will always get you over the budget you set. Talk to some of the reputed custom home builders near me and check through their references. You are sure to find out that the quality builders will never trick you to select features and customizations that are way pricey. Rather, they anticipate the issues beforehand and work out the best solutions within your budget.

4. It takes too long

The time frame for building the custom-made house is another issue plaguing the minds of buyers. While bad weather can be a major encumbrance, the other factors are pretty much in the charge of the builder. The only reason why there can be a delay in the design process is the design features you choose.

5. The building is not safe

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Many people think that a custom-made house is not as safe or secure as a pre-built home. Well, there is no change in the standard of the home or issues regarding quality control. A house based on personalized concepts is as safe and secure as other homes. Make sure you get quotes from a few custom home builders in Kelowna and talk to them before choosing the design features.

6. Builders do not communicate effectively

Not all builders may be as competent as they claim but those who communicate with the customers effectively. The reputed ones update the clients on the present status and get confirmation regarding the features. Furthermore, they also ease communication with the clients in case of any issue, concern, or question.

7. DIY custom home building is less expensive

Cleaning and maintaining the homes resonates with the DIY methods but not when constructing the house. Resorting to the DIY method is likely to cause more damage. Whether you want to add anything to the existing design features of the house or go about changing the layout, every aspect of custom build homes in Kelowna needs to be handled by a professional. That way you can fulfill your wish list and the final look.

8. The process of building is complicated

Do you think that building a custom home is complicated and stressful? Do not give in to hearsay. The stories about builders delaying the process and the problem of acquiring the permits are indeed disturbing but do not trust everything you hear. What you need is to choose one of the best home builders in Kelowna to ease the process of getting supplies and acquiring permits. While the reputed ones follow a plan to avoid delay in the project, they maintain good communication to let you envisage your dream home easily.

9. Renovations will always get you good returns

Renovation of your custom home may be necessary when the house incurs damage. But going overboard with the remodeling may not always offer guaranteed returns. So, try to stay within your limits and talk to your builder about the cost before planning stylish bathroom makeovers or fantastic kitchen refurbishments. A good option is to invest in those upgrades that make your home more comfortable and not only add value to it.

10. Extensive remodeling happens quickly

How about waking up one morning to find a sprawling dining area or an extended living room with fantastic décor? Nice though it may sound, nothing happens overnight, at least in extensive home remodeling work. It may take several months to complete an extensive remodeling, so do not even try to struggle to complete it quickly, for it will lower the quality of work. Hire a reliable builder and contractor to complete the work more quickly and effectively.

11. You cannot visit the site during construction

No matter what makes you believe that you cannot visit the construction site during the construction. Be wary of builders that prevent you from visiting the site. Hire a builder who has confidence in the quality of work they deliver and has an established track record in the custom home building industry.

Building a custom home is the gateway to fulfilling your wish of a lifetime. Hiring the right home builder is the way to achieve your dream. So, dispel the misconceptions in your mind and reach out to those builders who can turn your dream into reality. Bellamy Homes is an award-winning custom and semi-custom home building company in Kelowna designing extraordinary living places for customers. Get in touch with them and change your thoughts about building custom-made homes forever.


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