How can I be successful?

Well, the first thing I see is on different platforms including this one people advise on being successful, how to get rich and how to earn money. That is the dumbest thing ever about who cares about the person. Especially, if you have a family your goal should be more focused on things to benefit your family rather than the person ad try to ignore that person who distracts you. If you want to do a business of some kind and need an opinion never ask your negative friends because negativity brings you to feel down. There are usually networking events locally to connect with, minded, individuals.

In any business, you have to stay consistent and you need to stay focused.

I want to share the must-have success habits that I have developed.

Manage Your Time Effectively

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If you haven’t realized it already, time is your most important asset in life and if you focus on the time it will reward you. You can’t get it back, which is why you need to maximize it at all times. When you manage your time more effectively, you create more freedom in your life. Everyone has the same amount of time during the day. However, not everyone uses it in the same way. If you don’t have time, then you haven’t created priorities. When it comes to prioritizing your to-do list, if you want to get more done, you need to do less in your day. Determine what are the most critical tasks that you need to complete and forget about everything else.

If you want to learn how to be more productive, look at some of the most successful people in the world. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates understand that their time is precious. This is why they have mastered the art of productivity. Doing so ensures that they are always maximizing their time.

To do this, one thing that they do is wake up early. Almost every successful entrepreneur that I know starts their day at around 6 am. They are crushing their tasks before the world has even woken up. They don’t necessarily work harder than everyone else. They’ve just learned how to work smarter and it pays off, tenfold.

Make Health Your First Priority

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Everything in life feels hard when you are not experiencing optimal levels of health and wellness. Unfortunately, not enough people make health as much of a priority as they should. Everyone has time to be healthy. Your body is a temple and it should be treated that way. Work-life balance is a struggle for a lot of people. If you think that your work alone is going to give you success, then you may spend countless hours working, at the expense of your health. It all comes down to finding your version of balance and committing to adopting healthy habits. Eat well, get a lot of sleep, and exercise. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to nurture your needs first. This is what will give you the mental strength to go out into the world and achieve success.

Spend Time with People Who Inspire You

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Successful people spend time with people who inspire them. This is how they can accelerate their success in life. Take a look at your circle of friends and determine whether they are lifting you or bringing you down. Don’t ever forget that your peer group ends up affecting your self-image. If you are spending time with people that aren’t going anywhere in life, you will follow suit.

Energy is infectious and that includes the bad stuff as well as the good. Make it a point to remove yourself from environments where toxic and negative people like to hang out.

The best way to find people who inspire you is to be in rooms where you know the least. I know this doesn’t sound fun, but it works. If you think you know everything, then you won’t be open to learning anything new. Your ego is your enemy.

Commit to Learning

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The most successful people in this world share a passion for learning. They are committed to constantly broadening their understanding of the world. The problem is that people don’t take learning seriously enough. If you want to be successful then you need to make learning one of your core habits, just as much as you exercise. In today’s ever-changing world, if you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. Making an effort to deepen your knowledge and have a solid understanding of your industry is critical to building credibility and becoming a person of influence. Learning, in general, is great.

Other people have already achieved what it is that you are striving for, so why not learn from them? Don’t reinvent the wheel. That is only a waste of time and energy. A great way to take your knowledge to the next level is to hire a coach or mentor who can help you master the principles of success.

Embrace Failure

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A life without failure is a life without growth. You don’t become successful by hanging out in your comfort zone. This is a safe, warm place but nothing exciting happens there. You have to stretch yourself and go beyond what you think is possible. Failure is the stepping stone to success. With every failure, you get one step closer to what you want in life. If you live a life that is void of challenges you will never know how far you can go. This why you need to fail more. It’s your tool for being a better version of yourself.

Take Action

Learning is great, but it means nothing without action. People fall into a state of inaction when they procrastinate. Once you tackle that task, you will be motivated to take more action. Successful people take action even if they aren’t fully ready to do so. This is how they can continually move towards the accomplishment of their goals.

However, sometimes it’s better to make any decision than no decision at all. If you end up making a mistake, learn from it. That’s how you become more successful in the long run.

Opportunities come and go in life so if you are not taking advantage of them, you will miss out. If you are taking action every single day, you will have a competitive advantage. Even if your progress is small, all that matters is that you are consistent with it.

Be Willing to Work Harder Than Ever Before

You will not achieve real success in life if you are not willing to put in the hard work to get there. Hard work compounds over time. It allows you to create your ultimate dream lifestyle. Don’t buy into the stories of overnight success.

Success is hard work. Yes, there will be blood, sweat and tears shed. However, if you want it bad enough, it will be worth every second of the fight. It will mean that you need to sacrifice evenings and weekends and be okay with missing out on fun stuff.

Burning desire

Burning desire is all about having interesting goals in your life. It is the thing that never leaves you to feel incomplete. Find the thing which makes sparkles or fire in you. It will boost you to work hard for your dreams, goals until you feel boast. Burning desire will make you achieve anything beyond the ordinary. Don’t limit your dreams. Take one step at a time. Surround yourself with positive people. A Burning desire is the starting point of all the accomplishments. It’s is the key to unlock your full potential. Hence, Burning, desire is one of the secrets to getting success in our life.


Life is meant a bundle of risk, joyfulness, and sadness. Never stop learning. Always have an optimistic view of your future. whatever is gone it is gone. Don’t stick there. Look for a possibility in every situation you will find a way for sure. Don’t react to anything just observe everything to get an idea. face everything with the courage to have a wonderful experience. ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win.’ always keep this in your mind. Be grateful to God for everything.

Learn to set realistic and specific goals

Of course, any soldier dreams of becoming a general. But is it worth deliberately overstating the goals?

Having chosen an overly ambitious goal for yourself, there is a high probability of not translating it into reality the first time. As a result, depression and even depression will begin to torment you.

In order not to be disappointed in your abilities and come to a victory, it is enough to outline for yourself a small, but very realistic goal. Having achieved it, you will receive strength and a charge of energy to achieve greater deeds.

Focus on completion, not the activity

Most people think things like “it’s the thought that counts” apply to success. Well really, that’s not true. Generating activity in the process of achieving your goal is great, but if you only generate activity in that direction, and never actually get there, it would be the same as if you are trying to get a hold of someone so you call them 100 times, but you never talk to them. “But I tried calling them,” you say! You can’t equate activity with completion. Get to the finish line, don’t stop midway.

Plan your days carefully

Success can be defined as many things, but as a basic rule, a successful person has found fulfillment in their career, their family life, or their higher purpose. Most successful people spend their weekends similarly. Allotting time for family, friends, everyday errands AND creative activities with productivity are all important parts of the day.

To conclude, Success is attained by your satisfaction, and it is funny that you won’t realize that you have succeeded until someone points it out to you. To succeed in life, you have to find your field of interest and work ‘smart’ towards it. Success for some could be to make money, buy a bigger house, a more luxurious car but don’t you think these desires are never-ending. And we as humans compare our lives to others and get into a competition to covet materialistic things that they have. Others may consider success to carve a niche for oneself in the society, this may be considered to be successful as long you are giving back to society. While for me success could be equated to being happy, to being yourself, could be just living a simple life with your loved ones, doing things you love to do, taking time for the hobbies you have, helping a needy in whichever way, being here in the present without any baggage from the past, enjoying now to the fullest, don’t take yourself so seriously nobody is going get alive out anyway. Enjoy this moment for this is not going to come back again. Spread your smiles, joy, love, and laughter. Nobody, in the end, is going to count how much balance you had in the bank but how many hearts you touched for this is the ultimate bliss.


Gary is a lifestyle writer with a passion for healthy living, fitness, and self-improvement. His writing is dedicated to helping readers achieve their best selves through practical tips and advice.