Trust me when I say God has a plan

Each thought creates an action behind it. Do you accept it? So, we are creating our future. Some power is guiding us. Some people may take it as a god, some may take it as positive energy or some may say it as Law of Attraction. Whatever the power is, you are responsible for your life.

I won’t say I am against god. I accepted the power as a god. But, that power is inside you. That is why, our elders say, god is within you. We have to wake him up with our good deeds (which create a positive atmosphere around us). Have gratitude and thankfulness.

Believes are subjective. And every single person is nothing more than the sum of his/her beliefs. For some, it gives them the resolve to pursue another day when all seems gloomy. For many religious, life is like walking on a rope bridge in a misty twilight so ‘God having a plan for them’ is the rope they hold on to, get by to the other side. It’s hope. It’s good to see positivity in people and if their faith helps them for the better then kudos.  God just wants you to be happy feel like a success, be there for others and enjoy everything you have in life. In this life or life here, there are no set jobs in the flesh with breath in a physical body other than to live life to the fullest potential we can.

God has a plan for everyone variable and dependent upon your choices and desires shape and reshape this constantly during your living life. God won’t assign you to work under him without your asking or assign you to tasks if you’re not capable or willing to do them. Trust is a major factor in your karmic balance at the time you pass over along with the reading of your book that clearly shows your interests your successes and failures whether you learn from your mistakes or keep repeating them. You will put yourself into your next stage of life depends upon your wishes, your karmic balance, and complete judgment at the time you pass over. This will decide what’s next I don’t know so I can’t elaborate more possibilities are almost endless if you want to serve there are many places to do so and you will be blessed for doing so competently. For most, it will be a reincarnation of some type not necessarily back to this planet or form.

Resurrection is also a possibility in that aspect you will stay here for another round dependent upon your karmic balance and wishes if your balance is high enough. You will be born into a position dependent upon your balance/judgment will decide what form what position and to whom you will be born under as your mother and father figures. What level of society you will grow up in whether you will be born into a heavenly existence with material wealth or into a basic shell of existence possibly into poverty or and into war-torn areas starving and battling the disease to learning a lesson most likely about compassion and empathy. Dependent upon your judgment is what position and health you will be born with also to whom as if you are to be born crippled or with other defects this has to do with both of your parents most likely unless born to a single mother then both mother and child are in a state of repentance and a lesson being given hope to absorb and learn from meant to build the emotional thought process to see others with empathy and more compassion as going through these situations will do that.

God arranges the results of your deeds in your life cycle.

The results of sin serve the purpose of alternative intervals in the continuous happiness and serve as the cane for guiding the soul in the proper spiritual path. Due to happiness, the soul becomes lazy and proud with ego and such continuous laziness and ego will ruin the soul. Therefore, the results of sin are required immediately to bring normalcy to the soul.

The Call to Goodness

Existentially, it is also a call to moral goodness: that is, to compassion, courage, respect, hospitality, forgiveness. and kindness. As we learn from the Qur’an, the Bible, and from life experience, God lures or beckons or calls humans to actualize possibilities for these very traits in our daily and corporate life. And as we also learn from the Qur’an, the Bible, and life experience, we humans may not choose these divinely preferred possibilities. We may choose evil over good, destruction over constructive, violence over peace.

The Open Future

This means that for God at any given moment in human history, the future is open. That is, it is filled with possibilities that God knows, but not yet filled with the outcomes of our self-determined decisions, because we have not yet made them. God’s calling us presupposes the idea that we may, or may not, respond to the calling.

Omniscience without Predestination

A process-existentialist understanding of omniscience rejects this idea. It rejects predestination, offering the alternative image of a creative universe with an open future, embraced by an all-knowing God who works with the universe, and with human beings on our planet, to bring about optimal circumstances. ​

An open future is a future that has not yet been decided, not even by God. It is filled with possibilities for good or evil, for construction or destruction, for violence or peace, for joy or tragedy.

God also knows that we, not God, can make the decisions for what is best. If our hearts are to be surrendered to the will of the holy, it is we who must make the decisions, and even God must wait and see what we decide, hoping we choose what is best for us.

If you believe in “God has a plan,” then follow that. If not, be in control of your life and be the best person you can be.

Katherine Green

Katherine Green is a highly acclaimed author with a passion for writing gripping and thought-provoking novels. Katherine has established herself as an expert in crafting compelling stories that captivate readers.