What Are The Top 10 Style Tips For Men?

Style tips and tricks are quite easy to follow. You simply need to focus on some things which are quite in trend. If you are using social media daily then you must know some hacks. You should wear the types of clothes in which you feel comfortable as well as it is fashionable. If you like any outfit, you should imagine yourself in that outfit because sometimes a particular dress does not look good on everyone.


For good dressing, it is necessary to wear well-fitted clothes. It does not matter whether it is branded or not. You should have confidence in what you are wearing. You shouldn’t doubt in your mind whether you are looking good in this outfit or not. Just wear and feel it.


However, to keep yourself more in sync with the trends, you can watch out for celebrity looks and apparel. If you want to know the latest trends, what others are wearing, or just what men’s fashion is out there you have to take an interest, read magazines and blogs, etc. Take more notice of what guys are wearing; people around you, when you go out, people on TV, everywhere.


Then decide what you like the look of, and what works for you, and take it from there. Most casual guys I find just wear simple ripped jeans, skate shoes, or converse and a logo tee, but they also sometimes wear vests. Most people think guys’ fashion is limited. A denim shirt with the same color denim jeans is just more above than awesome and every modern man should have a denim shirt. Nowadays white sneakers are very high in trend.

Here, I am going to share some style tips which might be helpful to all of you.


image of of man showing male accessories

Most guys fail at properly accessorizing and they are confused about many things but often accessories define a man of sophistication. Cuff links, a Milan straw hat, ties, a tasteful ring (or a wedding band), a nice watch, a nice pair of glasses, and shoes all add a nice touch to whatever you’re wearing. Bling is good.

Wear formal suits with ties

men wearing suit

Nothing in this world is more attractive than a man in a formal suit. Don’t hesitate and get a good quality formal 2-piece or 3-piece suit stitched for yourself and do wear that to a friend, wedding, or corporate party, or to that special date. But remember to wear a good quality suit that is fitted to your size.


Grooming is the essence of looking presentable and being confident. Grooming is a wider term that covers it all: taking a shower daily, having a smart hairstyle, having clean and short nails, shaving daily or maintaining a smart and a beard, changing clothes daily, always wearing clean and ironed clothes, and wearing clean shoes.

Be physically fit

men lifting weights

This not only makes you look more attractive but also makes you a lot more confident, and fit and increases your metabolism. If you drink a lot, maybe drink a little less, eat healthy food, add fruits to your diet, add protein to your diet, and chicken if you eat meat or paneer, tofu, and soya if you don’t.

Never have too much color in your outfit

It makes you look a bit tacky and weird. Try to blend one colorful element in your look while keeping everything else in strictly plain neutral colors. For eg, If you are wearing a bright-colored t-shirt try to neutralize that with light-colored, lowers, and dark-colored shoes.

Always wear socks

Whenever you plan on wearing closed shoes, always wear a pair of socks. It throws a very foul impression when bare ankles are visible between trousers and shoes. Wear solid colored socks that either match the color of your outfit or are black. do not wear too gaudy or loud colors beneath.

Mind your hair

image of men wearing black shades

Hair should not be too long or too short. That too throws a very unkempt and shabby appearance. have a good hairstyle that suits your face cut and face type and have your hairstyle maintained each week at least.

Pay attention to your appearance

If you invest money in good clothes, then you should also take care of the care to have long pleasure in fashion. Use wooden hangers for shirts and shoe tensioners for your best shoes. Chemically clean your suit, wash your clothes regularly, and ideally, don’t dry them in the tumble dryer as it can damage the fabric and polish your shoes.

Rely on classic designs for shirts

Nevertheless, you should attach great importance to the details. Avoid intrusive styles and opt for a collar that works with both tie and tie. That always sits right under a jacket. In the case of a suit, however, the color of the shirt should always be matched.

Words matter too

Last but not the least, you are what you speak. Choose your words wisely. So, simply you should always think before you speak and also should be a man of words and wisdom. Trust me on that a well-dressed man who speaks sense is way more attractive than any other man.

Some more considerations about style tips.

  • Dress appropriately for the occasion. No jeans at a wedding and no shorts in the middle of winter. And please, no black socks at the beach.
  • Remember that your style is what you are actively saying to other people. How you present yourself to others matters, no matter how many times you hear “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
  • Matching is a basic element of style. Sophisticated men know when to match and when not to. Every man should know that matching everything makes you look like a pimp. In general, belts should match shoes and ties should match pocket squares.
  • It’s better to make sure the clothes you buy fit first before you buy them. Alterations are expensive, so avoid them if you can. All suit jackets and pants must be altered. For jackets, cuffs should end at the wrist, not below it.
  • Take care of your hair. Unless you are using a lot of products, you don’t need to wash them every day, especially if all you ever do is sit at a desk. Even if you work out, a good rinse with warm water is sufficient.
  • No matter how well you are put together, an angry or uptight man is never an attractive man. Confidence is not being overly assertive, but rather kindness and respect for others are the true signs of a confident man.

The bottom line is, never let anybody tell you how to dress. Fashion was devised when a few people decided to find ways to elevate themselves above others. Power and wealth enabled those who had them to not only obtain more costly garments, they could even deny some of them to lower-ranking members of society.


Gary is a lifestyle writer with a passion for healthy living, fitness, and self-improvement. His writing is dedicated to helping readers achieve their best selves through practical tips and advice.