What’s new in Win 11- features, compatibility, and release date?

This year all the big sharks in the US are rolling their best software releases like iOS 15, android 11, and new macOS.  In this queue of exciting rolling releases of the latest operating systems, this year, Windows has also stepped in.

Windows 11, it’s finally here! After that long years of windows 10 rolling updates every year, but providing that same design, features, and user experience. But on 24th June 2021 Windows finally decided to release their major update and introducing a very fresh look and user experience that could please the new and the existing windows users for free.

Some of the Exciting New Features

A fresh Look:

new start menu ion windows 11

After that same look for years, windows finally decided to fully overhaul the design perception of the new Windows 11. Windows 11 now provides a new fresh and clean look which expresses a more calmness in design and contributes to more working space.

The biggest change in this year’s update is the Task bar and the Start menu. By default now start menu has moved to the centre of the screen. Moreover, Start menu provides a new glassy clean look and the app suggestions according to the usage or app history of the user.

New Icons and Widgets:

Icons are one of the biggest graphical change that the new windows 11 got. This year’s windows icons are more flat, clean and more colourful. I believe they look a lot beautiful now.

new windows 11 widget screen

Widgets, just like other operating system now windows supports really helpful and beautiful widgets. A user can access the widgets page by swiping from left or by just using the dock (dock refers to the newly released taskbar).

New way of multitasking

windows 11 new Snap Layouit

Maximising the productivity is one of the vital point of every windows release and update. This year I would say windows ace this game of multitasking and help increasing productivity and user experience as well. I was astonished to see how easily a user can now split the various applications not just in sideways but also in rows, columns, section using a new feature called Snap Layouts. Now windows 11 users can have various layout options just by hovering over to the maximise icon.

Another productivity feature windows 11 introduced is the Snap Groups. Snap groups help users to remember which group of applications they have snapped before so that they can open that particular snapped group again later in time. For example: Let’s say a user is working on multiple applications and he/she has used one of the snap layouts to organize the group of apps the user was using and for some reason the user got any interruption and had to come back later to access that same application in the same way he/she wants, now she doesn’t have to do it manually because windows will remember that group of application and the way they were organized and it will be accessed right from the dock.

Android Apps on Windows:

showing windows 11 natively running tiktok

One of the most exciting features of this update is that now windows can natively support android apps. How cool it is! To make this possible, windows collaborated with Amazon to use the Amazon App store to provide android applications, which further, users can use the windows app store to access and download the android apps and use them just like any other native application windows has to provide.

What’s new in Gaming?

showing windows 11 new game pass feature

With new windows 11 Microsoft has rolled-out a new feature called Game Pass. Game Pass enables users to buy, remove and manage the games in an easiest and user friendly way. One can think the Game Pass as a replace for the Windows 10 Xbox App.

Another improvement to gaming is the auto switching to HDR ion compatible games and systems. This features really helps to improve the lighting and contrast for the game scenes, which, further improves the gaming experience and naturality of the game scenes.

Windows 11 Release Date

According to Microsoft Windows 11 update will be available “this holiday season” which means it will be available anytime during this Christmas time. Moreover, this will be a free update for all the existing windows users with compatible systems.

Windows 11 Device Compatibility

Here the minimum system requirements by the Microsoft.

screen shot of windows 11 system requirements

Note: All the image credit goes to Microsoft.


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