Why Sexting With Celebrities Isn’t An Option When It Comes To OF

Whenever the average person feels like having some sexting fun, he immediately thinks of OnlyFans. That’s because the site is huge, and they spend a whole lot of money on advertising.

That gets them in front of your eyes so they’re always on your mind in some way. If they can embed themselves, in your mind, as the same thing as sexual satisfaction then you’re always going to look them up first. They also go to great lengths to make you believe that the models on the site are as happy as they can possibly be.

Are you chatting with real celebrities on OF?

  1. Girls being their own bosses
  2. OF stars pay for workers to sext with you
  3. They only get time to make their own videos and take selfies
  4. Try an alternative sexting website

1.  Girls being their own bosses

Just look at this article from ABC News to see it for yourself. There’s just one problem with it all, though. Nothing that they tell you about the girls being their own bosses and having a great time is true.

The actual truth is that the girls have to make a whole lot of money in order to make a profit on the site. OnlyFans takes a large percentage of the money that the girls make right off the top. That makes for women who have to work harder than ever before to make the kind of money that they can live off of and it leads to lots of trickery.

2. OF stars pay for workers to sext with you

What ends up happening is that the girls on OnlyFans have to pull in more money than any person ever could with their own bodies. They have to make videos, take selfies, sell clothing, and sext with hundreds of men every single day.

That’s just not possible for any girl to do. In fact, you can see everything that goes into making money on OnlyFans in this article on Home Grown Income. With so much to do in a single day, the girls have to find some help to make it happen. That always means hiring other people to do their sexting for them.

GIRL sexting

3. They only get time to make their own videos and take selfies

That opens up a lot of time for the actual girls to make their videos and take their selfies. That’s why anytime you try to sext a girl on OnlyFans, you only end up talking dirty to another guy who’s getting paid to get you off.

If that doesn’t sound very good to you then it might just be in your best interests to get your sexting somewhere else. You can play around with regular girls who love to sext and you’ll never find out that you’re getting off with another man.

4. Try an alternative sexting website

The first thing you have to do is just stop using OnlyFans. It’s never going to give you what you want from it. It doesn’t matter that you’re paying for it.

You’re never talking to the girl you think you’re talking to and you’ll always walk away feeling like something is wrong. In order to pass all of that by, you just have to use a site like Arousr instead. That’s where the real women are and it’s where you’ll always be talking to the girl you want to talk to.

There’s nothing better than being able to simply ask a girl to send you a freshly taken pic and actually get it. You can also ask her to cam with you and she’ll be more than happy to show herself off while she’s talking to you. If you just want to hear her voice, the phone is always an option for you. It’s always up to you and what you want to do with your adult time. This is the only site where you can get all of that from the girl you want it from and that’s a promise.


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