What Are Some Important And Generalizable Life Lessons?

One of the hardest things people struggle with is simply finding peace in their life. I find that not letting daily actions bother me, because in our short time on this planet why be stressed, go out and have some fun.

There isn’t time to waste going out and seizing the day. Smiling is universally understood. It is even a positive action that can influence your thoughts and then your feelings.

Also, by doing that, we may make someone else happy. “Creating future with a pen” consists of imagining ourselves one year in the future (or the desired duration), and writing a letter to a friend to explain to him all the good things we have accomplished throughout the year. We imagine all our goals realized and count the story to someone in the letter, how we got there, feeling the joy of these goals fulfilled.

I have started asking the “why” question to myself each time I feel down or unhappy. We are always holding internal discussions. And when the bad part wins, then we feel down. When the good one wins, we feel good. And asking ourselves why we are like we are and writing it down can be helpful, especially when things are not going well.

If you want to change how you feel, start changing what you are thinking.

Here are 10 important lessons I`ve learned that I continue to try to live by every day.

1. Get up early even if you go to bed late.

Because the morning time is a special time. It’s a time when new creativity and possibilities are available. When you`re up before others there`s a great sense of being ahead of the game.

From there you`ve time to plan and plot your next steps throughout the day and enjoy a morning time routine that’s full of alone time for yourself.

2. Go to bed on time and make a habit of it.

Because if you`re to get up early every morning you`re going to have to go to bed earlier too. Otherwise, a new routine won’t last long. By going to bed early you`re making sure you turn off all electronic devices earlier too.

That way your brain is synchronizing itself with the correct time to relax.

And it turns it does you a favor and makes you feel sleepy enough to lie under your covers and rest.

3. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

Because that is the way our brains are designed.

Too many times over the decade people have left school and ceased their learning after that. They do examinations and build up an intolerance to become tested when they are very young.

But in reality, all of life is a test and the only way to float through it is to be open to learning new things all of the time

life Lessons

4. Eat well because you`re eating not only for today but for your future as well.

And your future you is an older you.

So you need to prepare for it by eating well throughout your life. Similar to sowing seeds early and watching a tree grow later by eating well at the start of your life you`re training your brain to get better as life goes on.

And that’s when you reap the benefits.

5. Forgive people because you never know your future and when you`ll bump into them again.

And by holding on to something it`ll only drag you down. Because forgiveness is a habit. In that way, it’s not that different than lots of other things.

And like any habit, you must do the hard thing at the start before you can hope to continue doing it in the future.

6. Always be kind to the elderly.

Because before you’ll know it you`ll be older too. And you`ll want the younger people to treat you well. Otherwise, you`ll feel as if your presence in life is being ignored and there’s nothing worse than that.

7. Exercise daily because it’s the greatest investment in your old body.

And if you start this habit when you`re nimble then it’s much easier to keep your body moving every year thereafter.

Trying to start doing lots of exercises when you`re older is a heck of a lot more difficult than when you are younger because your body has been in a habit of doing less for longer.

8. Make yourself happy because you can’t be waiting for others to make you feel that way all of the time.

For one the same people won’t be in your life throughout the decades as they were when you were young.- you may think they will be but they won’t!

Life will bring them another way so you need to have a way of making yourself happy. So by even having one thing that no one knows about you but will make you happy continually you`ll be doing yourself a great favor throughout your lifetime.

9. Show respect to everyone you meet because there`s a reason for meeting them.

And although you may not understand that reason at the time the future has a funny way of showing you why. So treat people as you find them and in the same way take life as it comes because things will happen that you`ll never have imagined could and you need to be open to them when they do.

10. Do your best in everything you do.

Because you owe it to yourself.

After all, when all is said and done it’s your life and no one else’s and you are the dictator of your destiny.

Have self-respect, and lead a respectful life. Be soft, kind, and gentle. Respect girls and don’t judge them. You too have a sister. The throne is never permanent. People will remember you by the ripened person you were and not by your power or wealth. Be realistic, be authentic learn to embrace the storms of your life.


Gary is a lifestyle writer with a passion for healthy living, fitness, and self-improvement. His writing is dedicated to helping readers achieve their best selves through practical tips and advice.