How Do You Define Equality In Your Romantic Relationship?

Equality in a relationship is a term that isn’t usually brought up in healthy relationships, because they live in an environment that upholds the values of a marital relationship.

According to my opinion, equality is when both of them in the relationship should have equal importance to decide on something, to either say yes or no to anything. In some relationships, boys become too dominating while in some, girls are the ones who dominate. This thing should not come into the picture.

Now, to implement, it depends on person to person. The easiest way to implement it is to be best friends before becoming lovers and keep this in mind each time while deciding anything between them, i.e allowing and encouraging each other to express their feelings and accepting the same from one another.

The best way to create equality in a relationship is to end the relationship because then you and your partner can be equally alone.

The quest for equality in relationships is counterproductive because equality is an extremely unstable and limiting situation. Imagine a two-armed scale in equal balance that is constantly rocked into chaos by a small disturbance. An equal relationship can only be as smart as the least intelligent partner. It can only be as beautiful as the least attractive partner. It can only be as loyal as the least loyal partner. Anything else, you see, would be unequal. Equality is the tyranny of the least that destroys everything good.

In relationships, a better plan is mutual reinforcement and reciprocation, where each partner’s superlatives are loved and valued. The best housekeeper and the best yard-worker are valued. The same goes for the top earner and the best cook, the best caregiver, and the best protector.

I would rather have a lover who covers my weaknesses and appreciates my strengths than one who tries to fight me for equality 24/7. Of all the things you should make hard for your partner, the last thing he needs is a hard time.

A great relationship is About two things: first appreciating similarities and second respecting the differences

Okay, so here we go:

  1. I know you are right and no matter I will stand up for you.
  2. “Do whatever you want. It’s your life!”
  3. ” Just because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean I don’t respect your opinion.”
  4. “You are doing great at work. I am proud of you!”
  5. “Yes, I am listening!”
  6. “I am right here if you need me.”
  7. “I know what you are passionate about and I am always there to support you.”
  8. “I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I love you the way you are!”
  9. “It’s your right to wear whatever you want. I’m no one to tell you otherwise!”
  10. “We’ll eat together when the food is cooked.” and till then I will help you in the kitchen.
  11. You are important to me!
  12. “Why don’t you go and hang out with your friends instead?”(respect each other personal space)
  13. “Listen, can you help me with this?” (No ego)

“Remember, A gentleman treats his woman equally”.

Equality in a relationship is a fundamental reason why the relationship will become interdependent; where the two people will be in a symbiotic relationship with each other that is mutually beneficial.

When there is inequality, the conflict will arise in matters such as finances, respect for one another, abuse, and other issues that will negatively impact the relationship.

Some examples can explain why we should have equality.

  • Can we clap with one hand? How easy is it to clap when both hands are joined together?
  • Is not so tough to have vision with one eye closed? Similarly, is it possible to sleep with one eye open? How beautiful this world is when both eyes cooperate with each-other
  • Can we walk with one leg going forward and the other one is going backward, it’s tough right? How easy to walk when both go in the same direction.

Similarly, when people realize both are equal and equality should be an utmost priority then the outcome of that would be a beautiful and never-ending relationship.


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