What is the best way to recycle plastic bags?

Recycling is not an easy process and if you are planning to do it in a lab or home I suggest that do not try that without prior knowledge. Plastic bags upon incineration give toxic gases and you will eventually inhale that and fall sick. Moreover, recycling is a sophisticated process since there are many intermediate steps involved in the removal of the intermediates that are formed in the process. If required a chemical treatment or solvent cleaning can also be used, all these conditions are not human-friendly and hence, without any proper care, this must not be carried out.

Your best take is that you dispose of these bags in the right manner like do separate the organic and inorganic content and throw in the right trash as coded with the colors.

  1. Use them to clean off unavailable shoes and undesirable plush toys put away in the wardrobe.
  2. Make parachutes for activity figures to uplift the experience at recess. Remove a square from a pack, and punch a hole in each corner. Cut four bits of string (or dental floss) something like a foot long and circle one through each opening, binds a bunch to get it; tie the opposite finish of each string around the toy.
  3. Keep sacks in the glove compartment to use as garbage sacks on travels or the other hand, if you have children, trips right not too far off.
  4. Give them to food storage spaces, libraries, day-care focuses, or emergency clinics that take them.
  5. Use them to stuff pet beds or toss pads that have thick texture covers.
  6. When gathering a bag, use them to hold shoes back from ruining garments and messy things from clean ones.
  7. To shield little outside plants from the ice around evening time, cover them with sacks and tie the handles firmly around the pots. Make certain to take the packs off in the first part of the day.
  8. Wrap drinking glasses and other delicate things when you’re moving. A layer of three or four sacks around each piece gives sufficient insurance and will not leave terrible paper ink or irritating bits of Styrofoam all over everything.
  9. Cover your vehicle’s side mirrors and windshield wipers on the off chance that you leave outside in winter and you will not need to scratch the ice off in the a.m.
  10. Secure work surfaces at expressions and-specialties time. Cut sacks up the sides, spread them out level, tape them together, and lay them across any table or surface your children are getting inventive on.

Paper is better than plastic in terms of biodegradability, Paper may decompose in two to six weeks where plastic is not biodegradable and is not easy to be decomposed.

Biodegradability is the ability of materials breakdown of organic matter by microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

Paper is reusable and recyclable easily and economically. Plastic is the worst invention of humankind. It has penetrated our daily life so deeply that we are helpless sometimes. Plastic may not be decomposed in 1000 years. It is a serious issue of environmental and health hazards also. it occupies space (landfill space ) and causes waterlogging. Not only this is entering our food chain via seafood.

Therefore the paper is more eco-friendly than plastic but has limited reuse can make it susceptible. The raw paper material comes from trees. So we cannot waste paper also. Whatever we are using, we shouldn’t forget to reuse it.


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